Active leisure zone

We know for certain how important active leisure is for our guests. That is exactly why, apart from our excellent accommodation, we have prepared a wide range of relaxation activities.

Fitness hall

Equipped with up-to-date and professional sports equipment is a treat for everyone who cares about their physical fitness and health. Two exercisebikes, a treadmill, a rowing machine, and an elliptical trainer will provide you with an effective training of your whole body.

Finnish sauna

A Finnish sauna is a perfect idea for relaxation, stress reduction, and circulation stimulation. Finnish sauna, which is a dry sauna, combines the highest temperature with the lowest humidity. The stylish and original design of our sauna will help you to forget about your everyday worries and relax in full.

Hot tub

When it comes to a hot tub, it is hard to name all its benefits in a single breath. A bath in a hot tub encourages endorphin production and speeds up the blood circulation in our skin, which helps it to remove the toxins from our body and replace them with oxygen and nutrients. Air bubbles help to reduce strains, headaches and tendon pains. Ten minutes are enough to realize that.


We invite guests to use the billiards table.

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